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Please note We are open Monday thru Thursdays 8-5:30 Friday till 4pm-weekends if available  only if we are available call first to get our correct location we prefer. We are part of Eakle Autocare

location 410-660-5055  PLEASE NOTE WE DO MOSTLY TRANSFER . 

Monday- Friday (phone first please) 410-660-5055


Note We are available by phone for firearms info and or appointment to Transfer 410-660-5055 (no late calls please cell phone)


No Transfers for anyone under 21 years of age. NOTE ANY GUN LEFT OVER 30 DAYS WILL INCURE STORAGE CHARGE OF $25.00 PER MONTH AFTER 3 MONTHS WILL BE SOLD WE DONT SEND GUNS IN TO ROSTER-NOTE Check out smoke devices $1.00 each 24 to case retail $25.00 plus.

Emperor Arms 12GA Shotgun  Pump Action TAC12 18.5 " Barrell Pistol grip  $199.99 plus tax 

very limited only three left in stock 12ga ammo $14.00 box of 25 with purchased of gun limit 2 boxs.

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